Specialty additives for Corrugated Industry


  • With over 3 decades of experience in the manufacturing modified starches, we manufacture various grades of modified starch for the following application:

  • Adhesive for corrugated Board manufacturing
  • Starch additives to improve corrugated board quality ( ECT, BCT and PAT)
  • Starch Additives to improve overall machine speed ( Compatible with Stein hall formulation)
  • High yield - Low consumption starches


For Paper Industry

Modified starches plays an important role in paper coating application, we specialize in manufacturing specialized starch based products for paper coating application following are a few:

  • Excellent film formation
  • High stability in solution
  • Clear and colourless solutions
  • High binding power
  • Compatibility with other binder systems.


For Paint industry

Modified Starches are used widely in the paint and color industry.

Our Products

Our chief Product Range consists of Stargel, Stardex, Fibrodex, Starches and Modified Starches, dextrine and Gluegel. Modified starch gives us an extra edge, the advantage being thin boiling, controlled viscosity.