Products for latex adhesive
  • As part of our continuous effort to provide the latex industry with innovative solutions, Premier Starch introduces STARGEL™ 2xxx series a polymerized starch based additive high solids with high binding power with low viscosity. Blends well with latex hence reduces dependency on latex can be used in 1:1 ratio Made from renewable resources, STARGEL™ 2xxx also confirms Premier Starch’s commitment to the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

  • Lower costs

  • By providing an even higher potential for 1:1 replacement of latex

  • By reducing drying energy by realizing coating solids levels previously unattainable

  • White in appearance even after cooking

  • Packaging available in 25,50, 800 kg Big bags

  • Reduce your latex cost and overall consumption Contact us on info@premierstarch.com or call us on +91 9740078984 for further information

Our Products

Our chief Product Range consists of Stargel, Stardex, Fibrodex, Starches and Modified Starches, dextrine and Gluegel. Modified starch gives us an extra edge, the advantage being thin boiling, controlled viscosity.