• Although each dextrin demonstrates individual characteristics and differ in their selections,most of the STARDEX dextrins are soluble in water, depending on the acid and heat treatment solubility of the dextrin can be determined, color varies from white to light yellow to dark yellow. Dextrins have good adhesive properties and wide range of water solubility and compatibility with various other products.
    We have a yellow dextrin which is stable at high solids in cold and hot conditions when prepared liquid form

  • To make high solid low viscocity stable dextrine solutions in Hot and Cold condition


  • Paint Industry
  • Core Binder and Foundry industries
  • Paper Tubes, Tube winding and Paper Cones
  • Machine labeling, corrugated boxes, envelopes and carton manufacturing
  • Textile Industry
  • Honey Comb and Solid board manufacturing
  • Green Binders for the briquetting and pellet manufacturing industry
  • Excellent carrier agent
  • Characteristics of dextrin differs depending entirely on the conversion procedure employed, Hence the solubility, stability can be custom made for each client based on their requirement.


  • White & Yellow Dextrin is available in 25, 50 and 800 Kgs big bags. Paper bags available on request

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Our Products

Our chief Product Range consists of Stargel, Stardex, Fibrodex, Starches and Modified Starches, dextrine and Gluegel. Modified starch gives us an extra edge, the advantage being thin boiling, controlled viscosity.