• Premier EP-5454 is a low viscosity, solvent and benzyl alcohol free curing agent designed for epoxy coating applications protecting metal and concrete substrates it has excellent adhesive and quick setting properties, even at low temperatures, offers very good chemical resistance, and provides excellent adhesion on wet or otherwise unprepared surfaces and green concrete. Heavy duty industrial, marine service, Rust proof coating, and floor coatings can benefit from this product’s outstanding water resistance and corrosion protection.


  • Premier EP-5454 is usable in high solids or solvent free surface has excellent adhesive properties can be used in marine, industrial maintenance, protective, and floor coatings. Good chemical and water resistance make this curing agent especially acceptable for concrete or metal tank linings and pipe coatings has excellent metal to metal, metal to wood, metal to plastic overall works on any surface. It can be used for coating applications under cold and humid conditions, even over damp and poorly prepared surfaces, and offers excellent film appearance at extreme conditions. This product’s fast cure and good hardness make it ideal for applications requiring fast return to service. Its ability to cure over a wide temperature range and non-critical mix ratio can bring coatings broad application latitude.
  • Specially designed epoxy hardeners is blended with resin with quick setting properties, sets within 30 mins of application under any conditions.

  • Available in 10,20, 200 ltrs drum contact us on info@premierstarch.com or call us on +91 9740078984 for further information

Typical Properties


Typical Value


Yellow liquid

Color (Gardner)


Viscosity at 25°C

1,080 cps



Volatile Loss


Recommended Use Level (EEW 190)


200 micron dry times at 25°C (hard/through)*

2/4 hours

* Tested at recommended phr with liquid epoxy resin EEW equal to 190